As our house is located in central part of Prague, so on-street parking is problematic. The parking is protected for a residents and short-
time paid users only. But there is several possibilities where to park your car on street for free nearby :

   From Saturday 0:01 till Sunday 23:59 is free parking
available on the little sq. (cross Zahrebska x Americka st) and
also in our street (Zahrebska) on the right side in the part from Americka st. to Belgicka st.

Anytime you can park on street for free in a distance cca 5 - 10 min. by foot from our house. There is a frontier between central part of Prague (blue zone) and district of Prague no. 10, where the on-street parking is not limited. The most closer available streets are Francouzska and Rybalkova (Rybalkova left side only!). Have a look at the map, pls. The highlighted area on the picture is free for on-street parking. Respecting a local traffic signs is expected.
Click to enlarge, pls.

It is no problem to stop for a while at our house, to accommodate and move your baggage.
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